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Passionate Software developer who loves to build

I am a software engineer with a passion for creating efficient and user-friendly web applications. I have experience in developing scalable and maintainable web applications using modern technologies and frameworks. I spent my time writing clean, robust, reusable and maintainable code.

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Keshav Carpenter

Flexmoney Technologies Pvt Ltd

SDE Intern

Jan'24 - July'24

Java, Springboot, PostgreSQL, Redis, React.Js

• Redesigned the complete split transaction journey flow to integrate Juspay PG by enabling lender selection on InstaCred platform while ensuring backward compatibility and zero down time.
• Integrated fluentd setup to collect unknown errors received from external Lender APIs and store them on AWS Redsfhift using S3 bucket as mediator for analysis.
• Extended Redis batch processor implementation for multiple Lender SUD cache services, decreasing the SUD cache refresh time by 98% for over 1 million entries.
• Updated all unit tests for kfs data APIs achieve 100% code coverage.
• Designed and developed a full stack transaction journey application mocking the InstaCred system during training period to gain system understanding.

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Designed and developed a robust Flight Booking System based on a Microservices architecture.

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Awasar | Job Application Tracker

Developed a Full Stack web application to keep a track of your all Job Applications.